Ultra-flex — liquid film - hydroisolation



Liquid film is a ready for use elastic sealant for liquid-applied waterproofing membrane under ceramic tiles fixed adhesives. For both indoor and outdoor use on floors and walls.

The proper consistency of the product facilitates quick application. Once applied, it forms a flexible and hard coating on surfaces such as gypsum boards, fibre boards, cement-lime plaster, concrete surfaces, and hollow bricks. Once applied and dried, the mass is impervious to water. It decreases the risk of cracking of the lining materials occurring due to thermal expansion of surface and lining, e. g. ceramic tiles. Do not use on surfaces subject to water under pressure (e.g. swimming pools).

The surface should be even, capable of load-carrying, strong, dry, free of cracks and overlay, dust, and fat. Prime porous material surface, e.g. aerated concrete should be primed. Smooth down cracks and cavities. Freshly finished surfaces, e.g. plaster or flooring can be sealed after getting the hardness.

Minimum coating thickness: 1.5 mm. Optimum coating thickness: 1.5 – 2.5 mm.:


ULTRA-FLEX must be applied on a completely dry surface. Avoid prolonged contact with eyes and skin. For detailed information refer to relevant material safety data sheet.


About 1.5 kg/m22

Tool Cleaning

Use water when fresh, hardened material is difficult to be removed.


Sky blue


After about 24 hours

Method Of Use

Carry out your job within a surface and ambient temperature range from +5oC to +30oC (applies to the process of bonding as well). Before use, mix the contents until a uniform consistency is obtained. Do not dilute the product and do not combine with other products.

Apply at least 2 layers of the product using a roller or brush. Apply the second layer after 4 hours, crosswise to the first layer.

Shelf Life

Store pails in a clean dry area protected from direct sunlight and extreme heat and cold +5 °C – +40 °C temperature. Unopened containers can be stored for 36 months.


ULTRA-FLEX is supplied in plastic pails 1 kg, 3.5kg and 5 kg.


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